Solar Racing Groningen


Team members

Jeroen Brattinga

Team leader

Hi, I am Jeroen! I am a student of electrical engineering and I was looking for a project besides my studies. Then the idea of the solar car came to my mind! The most beautiful thing about this project is the multidisciplinary collaboration between students among various university degrees. This way, everybody can contribute! Bringing all these people together by giving a direction to this project is one of the biggest challenges I have to face!

Mirjam Cazemier



Silke Boeijen

External affairs

Hi, I am Silke. The only Brabander of the team. Since my childhood, I have been a real organizer with a creative mind. First, I have completed a training program as a creative producer at the University of Arts in Utrecht. After completing this program, I wanted to get an education at more scientific level and therefore, I am currently doing a pre-master in Communications and Information Science at the University of Groningen. In addition to my study, I want to be challenged as much as possible at the highest possible level. That is why I want to participate in sustainable projects. I believe in this team, I believe in this multidisciplinary collaboration and I believe that we can compete in the Bridgestone World Solar Challenge 2019!

Anezka Zamrazilova

International Communication

Hello, I am Anezka. The international member of the team. I am from Prague, the Czech Republic, and I am currently doing a Master's degree in International Political Economy at the University of Groningen. Since my childhood, I have been a big explorer with an opened mind and therefore I have decided to challenge myself with studying an international oriented college degree. Previously I have worked in tourism where I was daily meeting people from different corners of the world and this experience taught me how to deal with different cultures and how to approach diverse social habits. By working in Solar Racing Groningen I would like to connect this experience with the knowledge acquired from my Master's degree, same as to improve my communication with external subjects and to learn more about financial matters. The international focus, young motivated team and the high level of sustainability of the project create a very attractive idea to which I will happily contribute and learn from.

Marieke Brouwer


After completing my bachelor’s degree in International Business and Languages, I was looking for a new challenge. The master in Computer Communications at the University of Groningen was not challenging enough; after a conversation with students who passionately talked about this project, I knew what I want to do and what is going to be my new challenge! The enthusiasm is contagious and the team is so diverse, it really gives a person energy. I have always wanted to do something with sustainability, but I did not know where my place would be. Solar Racing Groningen offers me the opportunity to bring this interest and my knowledge into practice.

Petra Buist

Internal communication

Sustainability and health are two concepts that interfere with me and are intertwined with each other. Health determines how we feel physically, mentally and socially. On the other hand, sustainability is about maintaining a healthy environment. This interest, but also the enthusiastic and motivated setting of the Solar Racing team, are reasons why I joined this project. In addition to my work for Solar Racing Groningen, I am currently doing a master's degree in Communications and Information Science and I am specializing myself in health communications. As a member of Solar Racing Groningen, I want to put my knowledge into practice and gain more experience in the field of communications.

Dion Huiskes


Hi, I am Dion Huiskes and I am currently studying Market Intelligence at the University of Groningen. The best thing about this project is that I interact with people studying different degrees. Besides my studies, I have established my own video production company, so you can expect many cool videos. I am very curious where this adventure will bring us!

Froukje Vleeshouwer


Sport plays a very important role in my life, so therefore it was a logical choice to study Sports Management. After completing the bachelor’s degree, I have decided to extend my knowledge by doing a master in Communications Science. In addition to my studies, I have been always looking challenging projects, which are also fun. The Solar Racing team offers me the opportunity to combine a number of hobbies. I am looking forward to contribute to this cool project and work with a team of young, enthusiastic colleagues who go for the best results.

Frank Pot

Mechanics & CFD

Besides studying Mechanical Engineering, I have been always looking for a challenge. To be honest, what is more beautiful than joining the Bridgestone World Challenge with a car designed and built by ourselves. Since my childhood, I have been in touch with technology thanks to many smaller projects and my general education Operational Technician. By sharing this knowledge (and a lot of new knowledge) with a group of enthusiastic students, we will optimize the design with only one goal: to win the Bridgestone World Challenge!

Eldert Zeinstra

Mechanics & Structure

To introduce myself, I am Eldert Zeinstra. Since my childhood, I have had a passion for technique. During my MBO degree in mechanical engineering, I have worked on several solar boat projects. With such an activity, you find out how beautiful it is to work with a group of enthusiastic students on a project in which you can apply all your technical knowledge. This is also what I like, to work on every small detail and to optimize each component in order to ensure that our design will be ultimately the best.

Ray Blokker

Electronics & Mechanics

Hello, I am Ray Blokker! Since my childhood, I have been in touch with technology. First, in the company of my parents, and later, I got involved in many projects which were more likely my hobby. During my MBO training program in electrical engineering, I got an experience in building a hydrofoil solar boat and racing with such a boat. It is thrilling to work together with team members in order to realize your plan – to build a solar boat. At this moment, I am doing my HBO degree in mechanical engineering and l am really looking forward to this new challenge!

Vincent Taselaar


As a true Groninger, I have studied at various places in the province. Since I have a broad interest in technology, I am very eager to learn new and innovative techniques, for which I would like to look beyond boundaries and make new connections. The Bridgestone World Solar Challenge provides an extremely good platform for a new foundation in the preservation of not only the region, but also the environment.

Jussi Vuopionperä

Modelling & Software

Hi, I am Jussi, a student of bioinformatics at the Hanze University. My passions include programming and analyzing using statistics and machine learning. I am looking forward to apply my knowledge obtained during the work with the team in Bridgestone World Solar Challenge.

Erwin Deinum


My name is Erwin Deinum! I have always been very interested in technology and therefore, I am studying mechanical engineering at the Hanze University in Groningen. I was looking for more challenges than just lectures and exams. Hence, I made a decision to join Solar Racing Groningen. With this team, I want to expand my technical knowledge further. In addition, I would like to learn about other aspects such as marketing. Hopefully, I can be a good addition to the team at this moment, and later after the Bridgestone World Solar Challenge, I will proudly remember our participation in this event!

Danny Bokma


Enthusiastic engineer with a passion for technological stuff and electronics !

Boris Radovanovic

Chemistry & Modelling

Hi, I’m Boris, a passionate student of Chemical Engineering from the University of Groningen. Besides chemistry, I also have a particular interest in programming and mathematics. I joined the team because I always try to look for challenges and practical applications of what I study. This seemed like the perfect opportunity to do both and gain some valuable experience, all while working in a group of similarly enthusiastic students. I look forward to making use of my skills and passion for this project. It’s going to be a lot of fun!

Kimberley Kalkhoven



Tjitte van der Ploeg



Tom Meijer

Technical manager