The race has already started!

On the 7th of October, qualifications were held in order to determine the sequence of cars on the start line. All teams first drove an installation lap, later the qualifying lap took place and the team with the best time would start the race in the pole position. This position was won by the Belgian Punch Powertrain Solar Team with a qualifying time of 2 minutes and 3 seconds. Other teams from the Benelux area also performed well in the qualifying lap. For instance, the Dutch Nuon Solar Team did it in 2 minutes and 14 seconds.

The race itself has officially started on the 8th of October at 8 am (Darwin time). After meeting one of NOS reporters for an article on the app, Ray and Danny started to follow the solar cars on their way south of Australia. Even though they started to drive later than the most of the teams, they easily caught up with the leading cars. A lot of teams had to deal with technical inconveniences already in the beginning of the race, which led to bigger gap between the leading teams and these later teams that were lagging behind. Our boys drove until sunset and in the late afternoon they passed all leading teams such as Twente, Tokai and Nuon. This means that Solar Racing Groningen is at this moment the unofficially first in the race! Unfortunately, Ray and Danny could not drive much longer due to the fact that animals go after sunset to the road because it stays warm during the night – for this reason, driving during the night is dangerous in Australia.

Tomorrow, we are planning to be the first in the control stop in order to see what steps are being taken by the participating teams. Additionally, we are trying to get as much measurements and equipment information as possible to use this in our future endeavor towards Bridgestone World Solar Challenge 2019. In our next blog entry, we will talk about equipment and measurements of the participating solar cars. Moreover, this week we will also publish an article about Ray’s and Danny’s daily routine during the race. In the article we will talk about the eccentricities that our team members are finding in the Australian adventure! Check out our blog later this week!